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Muay Thai games: a list of my favorite beat 'em ups

Whenever I have to take a break from training I like to play some action games. And yes, like you probably have guessed already my favorite genre are beat 'em ups I would like to share a list of my favorite Muay Thai video games. Some of them are quite simple and other are more sophisticated, with characters with a very broad arsenal of strikes and combos. Most of the games on this list you can play for free. Obviously, one thing in common for these video games is that there is at least one character fighting with Muay Thai style.

Bruce Irvin: Muay Thai fighter in Tekken series

Bruce Irvin in Tekken 2, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 5, Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7 He is one of the most powerful Tekken series characters. He was my favorite fighter since Tekken 2. He has a great arsenal of some realistic Muay Thai strikes and combinations. Well, not all of them are completely realistic but it's a beat 'em up game and not a Rajadamnern stadium documentary. Bruce is a very spectacular fighter and one of the strongest characters in this video game.

Brad Burns is Virtua Fighter series

Another great example of a cool Muay Thai fighter in a video game is Brad Burns who was introduced into the series with Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution on PS2 (and arcade). He appeared later on in Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3 and XBox 360. Brad is a cocky Italian Muay Thai fighter who has got a full arsenal of Muay Thai techniques at his disposal: knee strikes, elbow slashes, and round kicks. His moves are fast and smooth. He is like a "cooler" version of Bruce Irwin from Tekken series.

Joe Higashi in Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters

Higashi is a Japanese fighter who fights in Muay Thai style. An unusual combination but it works very well for him. He first apeared in a classic Fatal Fury: The King of Fighter on SNES and Sega Genesis in 1991. The last game featuring Joe Higashi was Capcom vs. SNK 2 on PS2, XBox and Dreamcast released in a year 2001.

Sagat in Street Fighter series

"A strong fighter is not one who always wins, but one who stands after defeat" ~ Sagat

Sagat is a towering fighter from Thailand with a distinctive Muay Thai technique. He was named after Sagat Petchyindee, 3 times Lumpinee stadium champion and one of the best Muay Thai fighters of all time. Sagat is one of the main characters in Street Fighter series. Street Fighter is an iconic 2D beat 'em up game with a lot of devoted fighters all over the world. If you like a classic 2D and 2.5D graphics this may be your favorite beat 'em up If you don't know it, you've got a chance to play it for free. And if you are an old fan, you can refresh your memory and test your skills.

Play Street Fighter 2 for free

Muay Thai Origins

Muay Thai Origins is Android video game with a nice clean 3D graphics and a traditional Thai music played in the background during the fight. You can choose between plenty of fighters with a different statistics. A fighting system is very dynamic and it is definitely something to get used to. You will have to figure it out for yourself whether you like the mechanics of this game. Attack by tapping your opponent and when the red power button builds up you have to tap it and unload a special move. You will also get some extra hard kicks to tap and use from time to time (at the right bottom of your screen). You can download for from on your mobile or tablet and play it for free as long as you don't mind watching adverts between each fight. I think this game is the best out of free Muay Thai games on android. Click this link to download the game:

Play Muay Thai Origins video game for free

Muay Thai v3

Muay Thai v3 video game is a pretty simple beat 'em up flash game with a Thai music soundtrack. If you ever played a Double Dragon or some other 8bit/16bit era beat 'em game then your are home. Game mechanics consists of simple strikes: Kick (C) Punch(X) and Block (Z) special combos. To perform special moves use arrow keys with Kick (C) and Punch (X). The game is free to play. and good for a warm up before some serious gaming.

Play Muay Thai v3 game for free

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