Best Muay Thai knockouts

A list of top Muay Thai knockouts in professional fights.

Muay Thai is a spectacular sport and it can be brutal at a time. Fighting techniques used by Thai kickboxers are very powerful and the use of knees and elbows makes them very damaging to the opponent. I would like to present a list of Muay Thai KO's that I find extremely entertaining and interesting to watch.

Muay Thai elbow knockouts:

These knockouts are the worst and bloodiest cause they very often leave a nasty cut on a forehead. Spinning back elbows are especially lethal but a KO is also possible by an elbow slash from a clinch.

Elbow strikes are very effective at close range. You can utilize them to cut the opponent's forehead to obscure his vision. The cut that is deep enough may even result in winning by TKO. You can also knock out your opponent by hitting his chin with an uppercut elbow slash.
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Lamsongkram: an elbow strike expert

Muay Thai knee strike knockouts:

Knee strikes are one of the most powerful strikes not only in Muay Thai but in any martial art. It hits with an extraordinary force - especially flying knee strike - and it is very effective for wearing down the opponent in a clinch. A skilled fighter can throw a powerful knee strike that can even break the rib cage. Read more about Muay Thai knee strike

Brutal knee KO's (fast forward the video to 0:40 to watch them)

Muay Thai flying knee KO:

A Flying knee strike is more sophisticated than a regular knee strike and it requires a great timing and accuracy. Once you hit your opponent's head the KO is almost guaranteed. And even if you miss and hit him in the body the damage is still going to be severe. The possible defense against a flying knee could be a push kick to a rear leg. You can also parry a strike with your hand and then counter with a low kick.

The knee is the king, especially a flying knee

Muay Thai head kick KO's:

Muay Thai high kick targets an opponent's neck, which is a primary target. The kicker strikes with a shin, not a foot. Thanks to its power these types of kicks are commonly used in K1/Glory, UFC and other MMA competitions. It is a very powerful kick: it generates a power, distributed on a small surface of shin, equivalent to an impact of a car at 35mph/55kmph Read more about Muay Thai kicks

A compilation of the best Muay Thai knockouts: elbows, kicks, and punches:

Check these combinations and pick those that work best for you. Try and choose those combos that utilize your most powerful strikes: be it a head kick/low kick combos if you are a kicker or a boxing combinations if you are more of a puncher. Or mixed ones if you want to practise more balanced combinations. Read more about Muay Thai combos

A compilation of great knockouts:

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