A list of basic Muay Thai combinations

A list of basic Muay Thai combinations for training and sparring for orthodox fighters.

Simple combinations that can be used by less experienced Muay Thai practitioners but by all means are useful for more experienced fighters.

I aimed to pick more universal combos that can be used for pad work, bag work, and sparring.

a list of basic Muay Thai combinations

Double jab combinations:

Jab is the quickest strike and it allows you to check the distance between you and your opponent and set up a heavy combo.

Combos starting with jab+jab setup are simple to learn and simple to use. What is important is that it comes naturally:

  • jab + jab + cross then jab + jab + left hook
  • jab + jab + left knee strike + [right] leg kick
  • jab + jab + cross + [right] leg kick

Leg kick/low kick combinations:

Leg kick is a devastating and one of the most painful weapons in the Muay Thai arsenal. It is also heavily used in MMA because of its effectiveness. It is not very uncommon in Muay Thai bouts to win by TKO-ing opponent with leg kicks.

Even if you don't knock down your opponent with low kicks you will slow him down and make him more vulnerable to your strikes.

Low kick combinations starting with a jab:

  • jab + cross + [left] leg kick
  • jab + cross + [left] hook + switch [left] leg kick
  • jab + cross + [right] leg kick + left knee strike
  • jab + cross + [left] hook + [right] leg kick

For more jab+cross combos check out a list of 3-count and 4-count combinations

Basic boxing combinations:

Proper boxing used to be the weakest point of traditional Muay Thai. It all changed with the introduction of Western boxing to Thailand and the incorporation of boxing techniques into Muay Thai.

Muay Thai has benefited greatly from the introduction of boxing techniques: the greatest Muay Thai fighter in history - Samart Payakaroon - was indeed a WBC boxing champion.

  • jab + jab + cross
  • left hook to the body + left hook to the head + cross
  • right uppercut + left hook to the head + right elbow
  • jab + cross + jab + cross to the body + [left] uppercut

Simple 2-step combinations:

Simplicity is the key to these combinations. It's easy to learn them down to muscle memory and use them in fights without thinking about it.

Bruce Lee once famously said: "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times". Perfect those simple combinations:

  • jab + right leg kick
  • cross + left leg kick
  • straight left knee + elbow slash
  • left hook to the body + right leg kick

Other basic Muay Thai combinations:

Various simple yet versatile combinations that don't belong to other groups:

  • jab + cross + [left] hook + cross
  • [left] hook + cross + inside leg kick [to lead leg]
  • jab + cross + left hook + leg kick
  • [left] Head kick + cross to the body + [left] hook to the body + [right] head kick
  • jab + cross + [left] switch kick to the body

These basic Muay Thai combinations are great for sparring and for bag workouts.

If you want to learn some more combos check out the links below. You will find more advanced combinations there and also classic 3-count and 4-count combos.

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