7 great benefits of training Muay Thai

The benefits of training Muay Thai are vast. I will focus on describing those that I have found most, well, beneficial. Kalos Kagathos is an ancient Greek concept of harmony between body and mind.

The Greeks understood that a person cannot achieve full potential without developing both to the highest possible extent.

Benefits of Muay Thai training

#1 New useful habits:

Muay Thai training helps to develop beneficial new habits and implement healthy daily routines. I typically do a light workout just after I wake up to improve circulation and be fully awake.

When I sit and work in front of a computer screen I typically take short breaks to stretch or even do some shadow boxing every now and then which helps to relax my muscles and pump some more oxygen into my brain.

My body is conditioned that way. It simply will not let me sit motionless hunched over a computer for too long.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit"

#2 Healthy eating habits:

What you eat makes a great impact on your performance in the gym. The same goes for your everyday life. Reducing unhealthy products and balancing your diet will make a great change in your life.

It will improve not only your physical performance but also make you think more clearly. Just one decision to eliminate sugar (sucrose) from your diet will reduce not only the volume of fat in your body but also a lack of focus and mental symptoms called a "foggy brain".

I can still observe a decline in focus and clarity of thinking when, for some reason, I stop doing it for more than a few days. This takes us to the next point which is:

#3 Beating procrastination:

Continuous training is a must if you want to keep your gains and build up your strength and stamina. If you skip a few weeks (or even a few days) of training it will show in your performance in the gym and outside of it.

It is also much easier to maintain a high level of fitness once you achieve it than to rebuild it once you lost it.

#4 Fearlessness:

Training gives you self-confidence. You know how your body is going to react and what to expect from it in different situations. This attitude is very important when it comes to self-defense.

Facing a different, and many times more capable, opponent in a full power sparring will teach you valuable lessons.
The guy in front of you is just a man, who may be technically better and physically stronger than you are, but he started from the same position as yours.

This especially holds true when you make great progress and face the same opponent again in the future.

#5 Breaking personal limitations:

One of the greatest benefits of training is the feeling that you can break your physical and also mental limitations with your actions.
When you train hard and push through the tiredness and pain on a regular basis and then you can see the fruits of your work will be a great and rewarding moment in your life.

"If you always put a limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." Bruce Lee

Physical fitness greatly increases mental capabilities. And vice versa: you have to be smart to be a really great martial artist. Pure physical strength and great genetics are just not enough to be the best.

#6 Anger management:

Better control over your anger and other negative emotions. Being able to get rid of unnecessary negative emotions in a controlled environment with trained sparring partners.

And at a later stage being able to control it and channel it into "a drive" with dedicated martial arts training.

#7 Meeting with other cultures:

simply by getting to know the history and traditions of martial arts. In my case, it was Muay Thai. When I started training all I wanted was to be a better and tougher fighter.

The more I trained, the more I appreciated the art of Muay Thai itself. I have started learning about the history of Muay Thai and its traditions. The next step was a journey to Thailand and training in one of the local gyms.

It was a truly unique experience that changed some of my beliefs about Thai and Asian culture. From the time perspective, it was one of the most valuable benefits of training that contributed a lot to my worldview.

Implement the concept of Kalos Kagathos into your life and reap the benefits of it!

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