Buakaw Por Pramuk: his profile and his signature strikes

Buakaw Por Pramuk, aka Buakaw Benchamek, is one of the most iconic Muay Thai fighters. Since he was a little like many other Thais from poor regions of Thailand he had to find a way out of poverty.

Impoverished boys in Thailand often dedicate their lives to Thai Boxing. They start training at a very young age in the hope of becoming future champions. And only a few of them make it to the top.

An entry-level fighter gets a very low financial reward for all the hard. Competition is stiff which guarantees a very high level of skills at the top of the ladder.

Some of them make extra buck training tourists and aspiring fighters from the US and Europe in Muay Thai gyms and camps around Bangkok and Phuket. Buakaw was one of those guys that made it to the top.

Legendary Muay Thai fighter Buakaw Benchamek

Buakaw Por Pramuk: his signature strikes and how he dominates his opponents in the ring.

He is the type of fighter that likes to dominate and control his opponent. He likes to assert his domination early in the fight and unfold his own game plan for the remaining rounds. He is definitely an aggressive fighter that doesn't mind going for an exchange.

His trademark technique is a lightning-fast left-leg head kick. Another signature strike of his is a repetitive left-right push kick where he also moves with each strike towards the opponent.

He often likes to catch a theep [a push kick] and swipe a standing opponent's leg to throw him on the ground. He definitely wants to show dominance.

Another technique that he often applies is getting into a clinch fight with a forward straight knee or even a flying knee rather than regular punches.

Buakaw Por Pramuk is a highly decorated Thai Boxer. He has done more for promoting Muay Thai around the world than any other fighter in the modern history of Muay Thai.

His fighting technique is great and his attitude is highly competitive. His professional record matches that. He is a:

  • Omnoi stadium champion

  • WBC Muay Thai champion

  • 2 times K1 World Max champion

  • In fifteen years between 2000-2015, he had a professional record of 237 wins (66 KOs), 23 losses, and only 5 draws.

    He presented most of his special moves in action in one fight with Zaripov Rustem at Thai Fight Extreme 2012. He has also shown why it is so essential to establish mental dominance early in the fight.
    His tactic was to control the opponent, make him more defensive, and force him to accept Buakaw's own tempo.

    Some fighters are more technical and others are more aggressive and explosive. Buakaw, somehow, combines both of worlds and adds up what's uniquely his: a knockout power behind each punch. One thing in his fights is consistent and clearly visible is a very strong will to win.

    At the time when I wrote this post, Buakaw Benchamek is well over 30 yo but he is still active and in very good shape. That said, he is at the age when a pro fighter has to start planning his future outside of the ring.

    He founded a gym bearing his name in Bangkok. He not only manages it but also trains and spars with the students. This is a great chance for everyone to meet and learn from the legend.

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