A list of Dutch kickboxing combinations

A guide to Dutch kickboxing combinations

Before we start with the combos let me just describe quickly the difference between Dutch style and American kickboxing. American style is based on Karate and it employs 4 points of contact: fists and legs.

The Dutch style is based on Muay Thai and makes use of 6 points of contact: fists, legs (shins), and knees. It also puts pressure on liver shots and heavy low kicks which are delivered with a shin.

A list of Dutch kickboxing combinations

All of those combos are written from a position of an orthodox fighter with a regular stance (ie. left lead leg). You can adjust them for a southpaw stance by changing left to right accordingly.

Bas Rutten Dutch kickboxing combinations

Let's start with simple combos often utilized by a Dutch-style kickboxing legend Bas Rutten:

  • Block an incoming right body kick + [left] jab + [right] leg kick
  • Block an incoming left body kick + [right] cross + [left] leg kick
  • Block an incoming [right] cross + [right] cross + [left] liver kick
  • Block an incoming [left] jab + [left] jab + [right] body kick

A list of effective Dutch kickboxing combinations:

A few sets of regular Dutch kickboxing combos ending with a kick.

  • [right] Cross +[left] hook + [right] low kick
  • [left] Jab + right] cross + [left] hook + [right] cross + [left] leg kick
  • [Left] Hook + [right] low kick + [right] cross + [left] kick to the body
  • [Left] Jab + [Right] Cross + [Left] Hook to the head + [Left] Hook to the body + [Right] Leg kick

Dutch-style liver shot combos:

A well-timed liver shot can end the fight instantly. Don't underestimate the power of a liver strike.

Liver shots are very painful and often lead to TKO. This is why you should know how to deliver it but also how to protect yourself from being targeted with those shots.

Let's examine this "progressive" liver shot combo:

  • Jab + Cross + [left] liver punch + right low kick
When your opponent keeps his arms low to protect his liver you can add one more shot to the combo:
  • Jab + Cross + [left] liver punch + [left] hook to the head + right low kick

When he is ever more defensive and moves his arms up and down to block your strikes on his right side of the body, you can utilize:
  • Jab + Cross + [left] liver punch + [left] hook to the head + [right] hook to the head + [left] hook to the head + right low kick

A list of advanced Dutch kickboxing combinations:

Advanced multi-hit combos often depend on your opponent's reaction. You will have to predict his moves and act accordingly.

  • Jab + Cross + [Left] Hook + [Right] body kick [at this point your opponent will likely counter] block an incoming kick + [right] Cross + [right] knee + [left] hook + [right] Cross to the body
  • [Left] Jab + [Right] Cross [block an incoming Jab] + [Right] Cross + [Left] Hook + [Right] Cross

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