Effective Muay Thai combos

I want to share with you a list of very effective Muay Thai combos. I have listed basic combinations for beginners and more powerful combinations for advanced fighters.

I picked them while training and sparring in the UK and in Thailand. I want to share with you those that I have found the most useful.

A list of Muay Thai combos

Some combos that feel natural to me may not suit you. That's normal. Try them out and then you'll know which one feels natural to you.

There's no point in perfecting a combo that you are not 100% sure about. You won't be able to rely on it in a real fight.

Find your strong and weak points and use combos that work well for you. It cannot be forced, it must come naturally to deliver a sequence of strikes.

Ideally, you should perfect combos that utilize your most powerful strikes - be it a head kick, a hook or a knee strike and not make yourself too vulnerable to counter-attacks at the same time. Keep it simple, keep it real.

Start with a basic Muay Thai combos:

In most combinations first few punches are meant to open your opponent's guard for further strikes:



cross+left hook+cross

jab+jab+cross+left knee

Since modern Muay Thai punches are based on Western boxing strikes most of the combinations start with a simple jab+cross combo which may be a little predictable. That's why you should try more tricky moves from time to time:

Left inside leg kick (switch kick)+cross+left hook

jab+right overhand+left inside leg kick

jab+right uppercut+left hook+cross

jab+cross+right leg kick

jab+cross+left leg body kick+cross

And now my special move. I call this one an ex-girlfriend cause it's really nasty:

left jab+right knee+left elbow

It is very useful for shortening of the distance between you and your opponent and getting into a clinch.

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Let's move to more advanced Muay Thai combinations:

jab+cross+left hook+right uppercut+roundhouse kick

left inside leg kick+cross+left hook+roundhouse kick

jab+rcross+left uppercut+left overhand

jab+cross+left hook+right roundhouse kick+right knee

It is not a problem if you cannot memorize all of them at once. Just write them down and stick them to the wall at your gym right behind a heavy bag.

Next time when you start your bag routine perform them one after another and pick the most useful ones to practice with your sparring partner.

For a list of advanced Muay Thai combinations check: Advanced Muay Thai combos

I hope you have found it useful. Let me know what you think and share a list of your favorite combinations in the comments below. Also, check a post about how to choose proper Muay Thai gear.

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