Muay Thai explosive push-ups

A Muay Thai explosive push-ups routine helps to develop your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. On top of that, support required from other muscles during this bodyweight exercise results in a wider range of movement and activation of different parts of muscles.

Explosive movement is especially effective for training fast-twitch muscle fibers, which have the greatest potential for size and strength gains. Push-ups are great bodyweight exercises and are perfect for increasing punching power.

A list of types of explosive push-ups

Types of explosive push-ups:

Wide grip push-ups:

are your regular, classic press-ups. The exercise puts more emphasis on your chest muscles. To perform it, place your hands wider than shoulder-width apart and perform a push-up.

Repeat until you can't lift your body up. Every single push-up performed under extreme physical stress counts as double since this way you are pushing your physical limits to the next level.

How to perform a wide grip push up


T-pushups will shape your chest and your shoulders. To perform the exercise twist your body and raise one of your hands straight up and hold it that way.

The whole weight of your body should rest on your other hand. Repeat the whole process for your other arm.

Staggered push-ups

allow you to work on one side of your chest. It expands your chest and puts emphasis on the triceps, shoulders, and abs.
  • jumping staggered push-up: I prefer this version of a staggered push-up since it is more effective. It is more demanding but the results are worth the extra effort it takes to complete it.

    It works the same set of muscles as a regular staggered push-up but with a double effect.

Diamond push-up [narrow grip pushup]

works best for developing your triceps muscle. Place your hands together so your palms form a diamond-like shape. Once your hands are in place, perform a push-up.

Advanced Muay Thai explosive push-ups:

One-hand push-up:

this one is a challenge. It requires a lot of strength and stability to perform. Place your hand behind your back and lower your body to the ground and do a press-up.

It is not easy and before you do it you will most likely have to do a lot of regular push-ups with the weights on the back to develop this kind of strength.

How to perform a one hand push-up

Front clap and back clap push-ups

are very similar to a plyometric push-ups. The main difference is that when you come off the ground, you clap your hands while you’re in the air.

To make it more challenging you can try to clap your hands behind your back. Word of advice: try it on an exercise mat first or put something soft under your face.

Superman push-ups

are one of the more demanding bodyweight exercises. It helps to develop your shoulders and your upper and lower abdominal muscles. With face down to the floor, extend your arms above your head and keep your legs together and straight out.

Now lift yourself up. Make sure that your body is supported only by your hands and your toes. Lower yourself back down. Repeat and enjoy the progress.

Weighted push-ups

When you get to the point where you can do almost countless classic push-ups without breaking a sweat you may consider loading it up a little. Add some extra resistance by firmly placing a weight on your back to take your exercise to a new level.

Push-ups are a cornerstone of a bodyweight workout routine. The best thing about them is that you don't need any fancy equipment to perform them.

It is a simple exercise yet you can make it more challenging: 10 more reps when you're already tired, one-hand pushup, added weight, etc. Push-ups offer great physical gains over time.

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