Muay Thai fighting tips and strategies

In Muay Thai fighting is much different than sparring. The main purpose of sparring is to learn new techniques and combinations while the main goal of fighting is simply to win by all possible legal means.

Even the full power sparring will not completely emulate a real Muay Thai competition fight. When you fight for real, you hold nothing back and you don't bother with some possible injuries that may happen in the process - this is the ultimate price of winning after all.

Tips for Muay Thai fighters

Giving it all you've got doesn't mean that you should not conserve your energy. You need to have a game plan and stick to it even when things don't go your way. And you need to push yourself to the highest level of your skills.

Five 3 minute rounds, 15 minutes of a maximum focus and maximum physical and mental performance. A quarter of an hour of your time and a few cuts and bruises is not a very big price to pay for an achievement that will last in your memory for your lifetime.

Effective Muay Thai fighting tips. I hope you will find them useful:

  • Pace Yourself, conserve your strength for 5 long rounds. Even if you're a type of a fighter that goes for a quick KO it is still smart to save some energy if your plan doesn't work out and you have to win on points.
  • Don't let your opponent get away with his strikes unpunished: this one is very important. Don't let your opponent control the tempo of the fight. Counter-strike after every successful combination that he delivered.
  • Muay Thai fighting is not only about a physical or technical advantage: confidence and mental strength are also important. Don't let the other guy get a psychological advantage over you before you even stepped into the ring.
  • Try not to show any pain or a sign of weakness after receiving a devastating hit. I know that may be hard but your reaction will greatly discourage your opponent. The more you train and condition your body the less pain you will feel when getting tagged.
  • And don't forget that your opponent is probably as tired as you are right now and he needs a rest as much as you do. Fighting is, ultimately, a clash of wills. If you are able to push yourself when you feel that you've got nothing more left in you, you will win.
  • Learn about your opponent at first - spot his weakness and defense gaps. Estimate his speed and timing. Target his weak spots and attack with full power.
  • Put a knockout power in every punch and every kick you deliver. One hard strike may end a fight instantly. And even if it gets blocked or deflected you will send an important message to your opponent - he will be less cocky and aggressive in the ring. That is unless you want him to become overconfident and use the element of surprise.
  • Train hard. And then some more. The more you train and spar the more confident and skillful you become. This will show in the ring.

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