7 best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok

The best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok ranked by price

List of Muay Thai gyms ranked by price, from the highest to the lowest, for a single training session.

Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym

The gym is located in the Lat Phrao district. It's a beginner's friendly gym.
You will not find hardcore training sessions here but if you want to learn the basics of Muay Thai this is a place for you.

Pricing: no single group training vouchers are available. This gym only sells packages. A daily package costs 1650 baht/$53/£37 and includes one training session and one-night accommodation.

A one-week package: training plus accommodation costs 10500bht/$336/£237 and the monthly package goes for 29000bht/$927/£656

There is also on offer a 1-on-1 session for 1000bht/$32/£22 an hour

Banchamek Gym

This gym is owned and run by a famous Buakaw Benchamek aka Buakaw por Pramuk.
It is located in the North-East Bangkok suburbs and it's among the most famous Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok. The training crew picked from high-class retired pro fighters guarantees a high training level.

Pricing: 600 baht/$19/£14 for a single training session or 1200thb/$38/£27 for 1-on-1 training.

An x15 [in one month] package starts at 8000 baht/$256/£180

The prices may not be low but the level of training is higher than the average. And also, there's no better chance to snap a selfie with Buakaw himself :-)

Buakaw's gym in Thailand

F.A. Group Muay Thai

This gym is located near Chatuchak Park MRT station It offers a high level of training and it's suitable for more advanced Muay Thai practitioners. Prices start at 500 baht/$16/£11 for a single group training session

A one-week training package (one training a day) with accommodation will cost you 6500bht/$208/£147 and a monthly package starts at 18500bht/$591/£418

Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy

This training center is owned by a well know Muay Thai teacher - Grand Master Toddy. He is the head of the Muay Thai International Association. He is famous not only in Thailand but also in the UK where he helped to popularize Muay Thai. The gym is located in the south suburbs of Bangkok

Prices start at 500 baht/$16/£11 for a single group training session

One-on-one training session costs 1000 bht/$32/£23
What is interesting about Master Toddy's gym is that you can get a student visa once you sign up for a Muay Thai course.

Sor Vorapin Gym

It is a sizeable, open-air gym located in the center of Bangkok, next to The National Gallery. The gym was established in the late '70s and has strong Muay Thai traditions.

Price starts at 500 baht/$16/£11 for a single training session or 2500 thb/$80/£56 for an x7 voucher. More expensive one-on-one classes are also available at 1000 bht/$32/£23 for one session.

A one-week twice-a-day training program [with accommodation] is available at a cost of 7800 baht/$250/£176

Jitti Gym

This gym was established by Jitti Damriram, a former Rajadamnoen Stadium fighter. It is an open-air gym located next to Ratchadaphisek MRT station.
It's smaller and less equipped than most other gyms on the list, yet it is still quite expensive. Search somewhere else if you're looking for a good deal for your money.

Price starts at 500 baht/$16/£11 for one training session

Luktupfah Muay Thai and Muay Boran academy

The Muay Thai Academy is located in Prawet in East Bangkok. It is a large, well-equipped gym run by an English expat. The head trainer at the gym is Chinawut Sirisompan who is also the president of the Muay Boran federation in Thailand.

Price starts at 400 baht/$13/£9 for a single session and 1000 baths for two training sessions + accommodation.
This is the best Muay Thai training deal you can get in Bangkok.

I hope that you have found this list of Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok helpful.

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