Powerful Muay Thai kicks

Muay Thai kicks are very powerful strikes in Muay Thai fighters' arsenal. They are delivered with a shin instead of a foot which makes them more damaging.

This kicking technique also reduces the risk of a leg injury for a kicker. Let's learn more about different types of Thai Boxing kicks and setups.

Types of Muay Thai kicks

Types of Muay Thai kicks:

A Push kick, also known as a 'teep'

A teep literary means a "foot jab". A teep is a foot thrust that should be done in a single fluid motion: raise your leg, thrust it straight out, and then pull it back in and place it down.

A push-kick is the most useful for targeting hips, abs, and solar plexus. On some occasions even a face. Targeting the other fighters' faces with a teep is one of the bold ways of showing domination in the ring. It also helps with pushing back an aggressive opponent and creating some distance between the fighters.

A push kick can serve as an intercepting kick against an opponent's kicks and punches.
Just don't let your kick get caught and countered with a leg sweep.

You can also use a front kick to set up an attack. It goes well with push kick+round kick or even a push kick+elbow combination like:

  • left push kick + right round kick

  • right push kick [close the gap] + left elbow. Raise a right elbow immediately after the strike to protect your face from a counter-strike.

Learn more about Muay Thai push kick

Front kick - Push kick

Muay Thai round kick:

A round kick is a semi-circular, 45-degree kick used to target all parts of the opponent's body.
A low kick targets the thighs and knee joints, a mid kick aims for the rib cage, and a head kick targets the opponent's neck.

To perform a round kick, bend a leg a little and swing it to the designated area of your opponent's body. Move forward to kick and keep your guard up. It is useful to wear your opponent down and limit his movement by targeting his legs.

Round kick, thanks to its power, is the most common kick used in K1/Glory and MMA competitions. A well-delivered roundhouse kick has the same impact on a human body as being struck by a baseball bat.

There are 3 major types of round kicks:

  • low kick, which targets the thighs
    • kick to the outside of the knee joint or thigh
    • kick to the inside of the knee joint or thigh
  • midsection kick, which targets rib cage
  • A high kick that targets the head and a neck

Leg kick - Low kick

Muay Thai kick combinations:

Muay Thai kicks are very effective with simple punch + kick combos like:

  • jab+cross+low left kick

  • right cross+left hook+low right kick

  • left jab+right cross+low left kick+right cross+left hook+low right kick

and more advanced punch+kick or punch+kick+knee combinations like:

  • left jab+right cross+low right kick

  • left jab+right cross+low left kick+right cross+left hook+low right kick

  • left jab+right cross+left hook+[switch leg] left kick+right knee

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